Counterbalance Forklift

Detailed Description

Counterbalance Forklift 

1. Suitable for all kinds of forklift voltage platform, easy maintenance.

2. Lithium iron phosphate battery has high safety performance and cycle life, Long service life of over 10 years.   

3. Small size, light weight, easy to handle.

4. Forklift battery management system design provides maximum reliability.

Counterbalance Forklift
Nominal Voltage48V
Nominal  Capacity606Ah
Alternative Lead-acid Capacity750Ah
Maximum Discharging Continuous Current300A
Charging Time_ Rapid2h
Charging Time_ Slow4h
Operating Temperature Range -20~60℃
Battery Cycle>3000
Charging Connection TypeREMA/Charging Gun
Charger CommunicationCAN
Display  Terminal  LCD/Nixie Tube
Type of AlarmBuzzer
Boundary Dimension830×630×575,mm
Weight 1020Kg

If the size and parameters of the product are changed according to the latest information, we will not inform you otherwise.

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